About Me

Like many others, januarie got her start at writing early on and began writing poetry regularly in the 11th grade. She credits her start in poetry from sharing a poem at her grandfather’s funeral. She was suggested an open mic and upon attending her first, she was hooked. She popped her open mic cherry in 2004 and ultimately nicknamed herself “nSAYchable”. She would go on to become one of the top spoken word artists in her city.

Not one to stay inside of the box, januarieYork’s talent for writing extends well beyond the stage plateau. She has released two spoken word CDs, featured on a host of other artist’s albums as well as released a chapbook entitled “The Scary Beautiful” and is a recurring contributing blogger for the Indianapolis Recorder.

Her poems and stories are full of the type of descriptions that don’t stop at making a point, they paint pictures. She has worked alongside some of her mentors and peers and performed at a slew of University’s, Museums and local schools. She also created three poetic stage shows, that have been part improv, part acting; all poetry.

januarieYork has done freelance work for Midwest Leak Magazine and has been published on Brooklyn based website BKNation.org.

januarie is well on her way to becoming a premiere and sought out writer of her time and has her performance eyes set on debuting a theatrical poetry show on Broadway, in the footsteps for For Colored Girls. Now is the time to tune in if you don’t already know who this self-proclaimed “WomanOfTheArts” is.